by Akash Yadav, Marvin Stelter

AndroidIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing full-featured Android apps directly on your Android device. Features: - Gradle support, you can import Android Studio projects easily without problems. - Kotlin support, you don't need to use old versions of your favorite library thanks Gradle you can add any library you want. - Android 12+ support, AndroidIDE is tested on the newest Android versions you don't need to worry that AndroidIDE will not be supported anymore if you update your phone. - .aab support, since August 2021 Google only allows uploading .aab packages instead of .apk file, there is no IDE on Google Play that support this. - and much more, try it yourself and create your first beautiful app with AndroidIDE. If you found any error you can let us now via Github. Just create a new issue here.

  • Android IDE
    Updated on 16/04/2022

  • Build Tools:

    Build Tools (32 Bit):

    Version 2.0.1 Beta
    Android 8.0+
    Requires an Android device with 1,5GB+ RAM, 3GB free storage