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AndroidIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing modern Android applications directly on your phone. It features Gradle, Kotlin, Code Completion and much more.

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AndroidIDE build tools installer
This script helps you easily install build tools in AndroidIDE.


./ -s 33.0.1 -c -j 17

This will install Android SDK 33.0.1 with command line tools and JDK 17.

Options :
-i Set the installation directory. Defaults to $HOME.
-s Android SDK version to download.
-c Download Android SDK with command line tools.
-j Choose whether to install JDK 11 or JDK 17. Please note that JDK 17 must be preferred. This option will be removed in future.
-m Manifest file URL. Defaults to 'manifest.json' in 'androidide-build-tools' GitHub repository.

For testing purposes:
-a CPU architecture. Extracted using 'uname -m' by default.
-p Package manager. Defaults to 'pkg'.
-l Name of curl package that will be installed before starting installation process. Defaults to 'libcurl'.
-h Prints this message.

Installing in AndroidIDE

- Open the AndroidIDE terminal.
- Get the installation script with :


Give executable permissions to the installation script with:

chmod +x ./

Start the installation process by executing the script with : ./
After you execute the script, it'll show a summary of the configuration. Type y to confirm the configuration and start the installation process.

Once the installation is finished, the file will also be updated. If the file already exists, you'll be asked to confirm if you want to rewrite the properties file.
The default configuration is enough for most users. If you want to configure the installation process (like downloading JDK 11 instead of the default JDK 17), you can do so by using the options provided by the script.
Execute the script with -h option to see a list of options that you can use.

Why AndroidIDE

Gradle Logo


Real Gradle on a mobile device - no compromises in development!

Kotlin Logo


Kotlin is fully supported. Use kotlin libraries and develop full-featured apps.

Code Completion

Code Completions for Java, Kotlin and XML.

Code Highlighting

Beautiful Highlighting for Java and XML.


AndroidIDE is translated into 8 languages!

Active development

Everyday we work on AndroidIDE, every day, to create the best IDE.

Active Community

Over 1370+ Users joined our telegram group all around the world. Currently 70 are online to help.

Open Source

Everybody can edit AndroidIDE, source code is released on Github.

You need help? We're here

No problem! We've a Telegram Group with over 1370 Members to help you if you've problems regarding AndroidIDE or coding!

Note: The only allowed language in a our group is english, if you are not familiar with it just use Google Translate!